Making Music

A 5-week Pan Tuition/Coaching programme created with Beginner to Intermediate panist in mind.

In this programme we will discuss Music Theory, Pan playing Techniques and delve a little in Simple composition and Improvisation.

The course is accessible via the internet only using the platforms of Google Meet, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

Study days are Monday to Saturday, as per your availability.

Sessions will comprise one hour each between the hours of 9:00 a.m 5:00 p.m. T&T time. No of sessions dependent on individual requirement.

Cost inclusive of Tips...Tricks...Theory E-book: TT$300.00 or US$45.00

Cost inclusive of Tips...Tricks...Theory, The 12 Major Scales E-book and Introduction to Improv: TT$600.00 or US$85.00

The following payment options are available:

Scotiabank T&T: 0103694

First Citizens Bank T&T: 2514774

RBC T&T: 100088071047848

Please call or email me a copy of your invoice after payment

PayPal me at:

WiPay me at:

Tips...Tricks...Theory E-book:

TT$90.00; US $15.00

Please refer to payment options above and call or email me a copy of your invoice after payment...

The 12 Major Scales Video Archive:

TT$75.00; US$12.00

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Get two for one affordable price!

Tips...Tricks...Theory Ebook & The 12 Twelve Major Scales Video Archive:

TT$150.00; US$22.00

Added content...

Also added: Chromatic scale drills...


06.02.2022 12:28


can I purchase a real book?
Prefer one that I can hold and turn the pages.

09.02.2022 00:30

A Eric Mc Allister

Sorry...Unfortunately this product only exists in e-book format at this time...

12.11.2021 14:37

Motley Christian Anu171

Interested in the ebook please advise.....

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Reza baptiste

Interested in music material

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A Eric Mc Allister

Email me at

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Patricia Munroe

Interested in the ebook please

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Anthony McAllister

Please visit the "How to get it" page and choose a payment option....

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Interested in getting the ebook

19.07.2021 21:14

Arthur Roberts

Arthur Roberts

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Dpanman Francis

Interested in the ebook

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Mervyn Taitt

Interested in getting the ebook.